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03-17-14 Superhero

03-24-14 Water

03-31-14 Awkward Man Meets Awkward Girl

04-07-14 Funeral

04-14-14 Original

04-21-14 Awkward Man Buys a Segway

04-28-14 Elevator Out of Order

05-05-14 Awkward Girl Writes a Bad Check

05-12-14 Awkward Man Ruins a Birthday Party

05-19-14 Awkward Man Breaks his Chair

05-26-14 Awkward Man Eats Pizza

06-02-14 Awkward Man Eating in Bathroom

06-09-14 Awkward Man meets a Japanese-American

06-16-14 Awkward Man is Unaware that he is Bleeding

06-22-14 Awkward Man Insults Someone's Cooking

06-30-14 Awkward Man Stuck in Cement

07-06-14 Awkward Girl Farts in Stairwell

07-14-14 Awkward Man Can't Get Waitress's Attention

07-21-14 Awkward Girl Meets a Cute Dog

07-28-14 Awkward Man Breaks a Swing

08-04-14 Awkward Man Fails at Classic Chivalry

08-11-14 Awkward Man Wrecks a Shopping Cart

08-18-14 Large Angry Commuter Sits on Awkward Man

08-25-14 Awkward Man... IN COLOR!

09-01-14 Awkward Man Leans on Plate